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Pet Probiotic with Turmeric

Published: 28 November 2017
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Pet Probiotic with Turmeric


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Pet Probiotic with Turmeric – Vegan-friendly powder – 150g


If you are on this page, chances are you have already heard or know something about the benefits of Turmeric for humans. What a lot of people are starting to realise is that turmeric is great for our pets as well. That’s right, whether you have a dog, cat, horse, goat, bird or alpaca, all our furred and feathered family members can also benefit from a daily dose of Turmeric.


Nature’s Help Pet Probiotic with Turmeric contains the goodness of both prebiotics and 1 Billion Lactobacillus acidophilus, Probiotics (good bacteria per serve) with a delicious brothy chicken flavour that is vegan-friendly.


Dr Doug English BVSc Australian Veterinarian is a huge advocate for Turmeric for animals. “I, as a Veterinarian, have been using Turmeric successfully for years with animals to control inflammation and pain in itchy skin conditions like allergy, atopy, arthritis, infections, age degeneration and various cancers”.


Dr Andy BVSc (hons) Veterinarian owner of Casuarina Seaside Vet in NSW, has seen the benefits for turmeric for animals as an anti-inflammatory and for general health and wellbeing first-hand with her beautiful Cocker Spaniel, Goonie. His daily food contains Turmeric, which he loves the taste of, and is seeing him through his senior years. 




General turmeric dosage recommendations for dogs:

Small dogs should start with about 1/4 teaspoon per day
Medium dogs can start with 1/2 teaspoon per day
Large dogs can start with 3/4 teaspoon per day




Did you know that in animals, bacteria are found just about everywhere: on all exposed external and internal surfaces of the body – the ears, nose, the eyes, skin, mouth, throat, and airways – as well as in the intestines, cecum, and colon.


Almost 90 percent of an animal’s immune system is in the wall of the intestines. Without a healthy balance of good bacteria within their digestive tract, their immune system cannot function in a healthy fashion. Allergies or intolerances often start in the gut and are the result of an imbalance of bacteria.


Probiotics – Immune System Building Blocks

Probiotics are live microorganisms that live in various parts of your dog’s body, including the gastrointestinal tract, the oral cavity, vagina, nasal cavity, respiratory organs and even on the skin. The term probiotic literally means “for life.” The word comes from the Latin preposition pro meaning  “for” and the Greek word bios meaning “life”. Probiotics are often called “good bacteria.” Keeping a good balance of good (vs bad) bacteria is vital for your dog’s health.


Prebiotics – Feed The Probiotics

Prebiotics are various types of preferred foods that nourish the probiotic bacteria and keep them active. Feeding prebiotics along with probiotics gives your dog symbiotics.


This is a rough starting point as there is no real accurate dosage as we are really talking about a food, not medication. You can increase the amount from there, up to about a tablespoon for larger dogs.


For larger animals such as horses, we recommend consulting a veterinarian for more accurate dosages if you dealing with any concerns or ailments your pet may have.



A few pointers to be aware of.

Dogs, in particular, can go through a body detox and if you start to see signs of loose stools, you can increase the amount of oil in their food to help absorption in the small intestine rather than passing into the large intestine.


If you do notice any symptoms of diarrhoea or nausea, lower the dose by ½ for a few days. If symptoms persist, do not continue giving your pet turmeric and seek advice from your preferred vet.


Ingredients: Organic Turmeric Powder, Coconut Powder, Black Pepper, Vegetable Protein Extract, Inulin (Prebiotic), Lactobacillus acidophilus total 1 Billion Good Bacteria Per Serve



Pet Probiotic users testimonials

“I use several spoons when I cook the dog food for the week, seems to have healed his bowel motions which are now normal after years of struggling. His arthritis has also improved… He will be 15 years old in October.”
– G. Young


“I put my 14 year old dog on it after a bout of pancreatitis he suffered and was having trouble recovering from. His energy levels increased after 2 weeks and he now has puppy like bursts of energy.”
– J. Ross


“I put my dog Polly on it to help with her inflammation. She is like a new dog, jumping and bouncing around. Absolutely love this product.”
– W. Kim



Pet Probiotic RAW Doggie Treat Bombs




– ⅓ cup Nature’s Help Pet Probiotic with Turmeric
– Binding agent, choose ONE of the following
(you will need about 3 tablespoons)
– Raw Honey
– Coconut Oil
– Natural Peanut Butter
– Baking Paper
– Extra yummies if you’re feeling creative



1. Line a baking tray with the baking paper. Make room in your freezer to put the tray in for a few hours while the Bombs need to set.
2. Select one of the binding agents. You will need approximately 3 tablespoons. Melt it in a saucepan over very low heat until it is pourable.
3. Combine the Pet Probiotic and binding agent of your choice.
4. You can get creative and add in extras such as;
– Blueberries
– Cooked Chicken
– Baby Carrots
– Pumpkin
– Apple Bits (NO SEEDS)
– Oatmeal
5. Roll combined mixture into small treat sized balls.
6. Freeze until firm, then transfer to a storage container and keep in the freezer.
7. Take the turmeric bombs as needed.
However, if you take a lot of the oil-based ones, the fat content may upset your stomach.
If using the honey version, keep in mind that it does contain sugar (albeit unrefined and enzyme-rich sugar).



Image credit to: dalmatiandiy – blogstop



If you experience any difficulties ordering online please call our office on (+61) 07 5530 3247 to place the order over the phone.



Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary from individual to individual.

Pet Probiotic with Turmeric
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